Tech Lead

Afzal Hussain

Mr. Afzal Hussain, our dynamic Tech Lead, whose name is synonymous with versatility and innovation. With 2 years of hands-on experience, Afzal effortlessly maneuvers through the realms of Fullstack development, seamlessly merging Python/Django with ReactJS to craft solutions that defy conventional limits.

Beyond the ordinary stacks, Afzal delves into the realm of cloud technologies, mastering AWS and GCP to architect resilient infrastructures capable of seamless scalability. However, what truly distinguishes Afzal is their fervor for cutting-edge technologies such as AI/ML and Generative AI, injecting our projects with pioneering innovation.

Afzal’s expertise isn’t confined to backend and frontend; they also possess a knack for mobile app development, ensuring a well-rounded skill set ready to confront any challenge head-on. As our Tech Lead, Afzal is committed to fostering excellence, nurturing a culture of continuous learning, and spearheading transformative initiatives that elevate our startup to unprecedented heights.

“Being a Tech Lead isn’t just a role; it’s a calling. You don’t pursue it as a mere job; it’s a dedication that requires your full engagement, both intellectually and emotionally.”

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