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“We put our people first.” It’s something a lot of companies say, but not a lot of companies do. Here at Andro Buddy Technologies, it’s our most important core value.
We believe that when we place a high value on our team’s happiness, work/life balance, and professional development, everybody wins—clients included.

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Andro Buddy Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a place to grow

Andro Buddy Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is rapidly growing across the country, both organically and by bringing in like-minded managed IT service providers (MSPs). We’re building a national network that can provide exceptional levels of service to our clients.

Even as we grow, we’re keeping it small. You’ll work in smaller, fast-paced teams—making a difference to our clients and our company, every day. When you’re ready to grow your career, we have a place for you at Andro Buddy Technologies.


Best-in-class benefits

Flexible Time Off

Implement a flexible time-off policy where employees have the autonomy to manage their time off within the limits of the available days. This allows them to prioritize their personal needs while ensuring that work responsibilities are met.

Paid Holidays

In addition to the 12 days of paid vacation, provide paid time off for major holidays such as New Year’s Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. This helps to enhance work-life balance and acknowledges important cultural and national observances.

Accrual System

Set up an accrual system where employees earn additional paid time off based on their length of service or performance milestones. For example, employees could earn an extra day of paid vacation for every quarter or half-year of employment.

Unpaid Leave Options

Offer the option for employees to take unpaid leave beyond their allotted paid vacation days, allowing them to take extended time off for personal reasons or emergencies without risking their job security.

Wellness Days

Introduce wellness days as additional paid time off specifically designated for employees to prioritize their physical or mental health. This could be implemented as periodic bonus days or as needed based on individual circumstances.

Remote Work Opportunities

Embrace remote work arrangements to provide employees with greater flexibility in managing their schedules and integrating personal time off without the need for traditional vacation days.

Recognition and Rewards

Implement a recognition program to acknowledge and reward employees who consistently demonstrate exceptional performance or go above and beyond in their roles. This can help boost morale and motivation even in the absence of extensive paid time off benefits.

Diverse and Inclusive Culture Initiatives

Implement initiatives to foster diversity, equity, and inclusion within your organization, such as unconscious bias training, mentorship programs for underrepresented groups, or partnerships with diversity-focused organizations.

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Andro Buddy Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a pioneering startup dedicated to delivering tailored digital solutions, partnering with businesses to drive innovation and success in today’s dynamic market landscape.

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